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Are you listening to your body because when it comes to our overall wellness, our body is often the first thing to give us a sign that things aren’t quite right. You may have aches and pains or an illness or perhaps are craving certain foods, your energy levels may also be low. 

Are you listening to your body?

Are you aware of your body’s pain and pleasure signal?

Do you feel pain, discomfort, satisfaction or calmness within your body?

How does your body feel?

Does your body feel tight or flexible?

Do you notice any other symptoms?


If we take a moment to just stop and listen to our bodies, it’s surprising what they can tell us. 

If things aren’t feeling quite right then this means that we are out of ‘balance’ and this can affect other aspects of our lives.

It’s very easy to ignore the signals our bodies are giving us. Sometimes they are subtle signals and sometimes they are shouting from the roof tops. I know, that it is also easy to just ‘accept things the way they are’, BUT you really don’t have to. Listening is the first step, taking note and then taking action follows. Yes you may need some advice, support and guidance to do this but the power is in your hands to listen. There are some simple steps you can start to take as detailed in my tips below.

4 TOP TIPS to get you started LISTENING to and BALANCING your body
1. Do a daily body scan

Close your eyes, relax and pay attention to each area of your body. Are you holding tension anywhere? Do you feel pain or discomfort anywhere?

2. Check within

Have a mindful moment with your body. Spend a few minutes checking in so see how you feel about your body today. Do you notice any negative self-talk towards your body?

3. Move your body

Have you moved your body today? If not, think about how you can move your body, what movement can you add into your day? It may a walk, some yoga for example. It doesn’t have to take long if you are short on time. Choose something you enjoy and that feels good.

4. Honour your body

Do something everyday that is kind and gentle towards your body. Create an intentional daily practice. For example, you may go for a walk, take a bath, have a good stretch, tell it some nice things, dress in something you love.

Try out the body scan and checking within. What is your body trying to tell you?